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Provincial Standing Committee meeting was held by the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee on the implem

9 9, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng chaired the Standing Committee meeting examined and approved in principle the "CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee on the in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai important speech of the implementation of opinions", to convey the CPC Central Committee, informed about the Liaoning bribery case investigation and lessons for the National Health and health warning, the National Party Congress the Secretary General of the spirit of the meeting, I study the province to implement the views.

the meeting pointed out, August 22nd to 24, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping to visit Qinghai to inspect and guide the work of cadres and masses of all ethnic groups, cordial visit, listen to the provincial government work report and delivered an important speech, which is of significance in the history of the development of Qinghai milepost. "The CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee on the in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai important speech of the implementation of opinions" to the General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai important speech as a guide, around the "four major solid" requirements, adhere to highlight the theme, the combination of distance, and focus on both, puts forward measures, detailed the objectives and tasks clearly, the responsibilities of the job. The current and future periods, the whole province to study, publicize and implement the General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai important speech as the primary political task, unity of thinking, raise awareness, quick thinking and action into practice the spirit of the speech, comprehensively implement the "opinions", the consciousness of Qinghai work in the country to the overall planning to promote the control of the four major requirements to "identify the focus of work, the ecological civilization construction in a prominent position, to explore the development way of ecological production and life linkage, implemented by the big ecological province to ecological province, co-ordinate their work to strengthen and improve people’s livelihood. Social governance, serious party political life, and the earnest expectation of the General Secretary Xi and major requirements into practical action, in the" three zone "in the construction of Break create new performance.

meeting stressed the need to strengthen the organization and leadership of the work of learning and implementation. Party committees (party) to remember the exhortations, strengthen the main responsibility, be enthusiastic and press on, and effectively perform their duties, there are specific measures in this sector in the region to refine the implementation of the specific work and to do things, to ensure that the deployment of air plant, flowering results. Party and government leaders at all levels should effectively assume the responsibility of the first responsibility, play a good role in leadership and promotion. The lead unit to take the initiative as the lead in the total catch, and actively cooperate with units to be responsible. To adhere to the incentive measures, establish and improve the supervision and assessment mechanism, the important basis to promote the "four solid" performance as the selection and use of cadres, leading cadres and the masses to further emancipate the mind, do solid work, struggling to catch up, push forward the construction of the beautiful rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai.

the meeting pointed out that the Central Committee of the party seriously dealt with the Liaoning bribery case, fully embodies the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the party strictly, the rule of law, is the wind Su Ji’s determination and attitude, we firmly support the central decision process. Party organizations at all levels of the province and the majority of Party members and cadres to effectively integrate the ideas and actions;

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