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Yan Jinhai in the yindajihuang project coordination and promotion conferences stressed to speed up t

recently, vice governor Yan Jinhai chaired the yindajihuang project coordination will promote the research on the analysis of existing problems in project construction, arrangements for the deployment of the next task.

Yan Jinhai stressed that the yindajihuang project is the implementation of the province’s first inter basin water diversion project, is a power in the interest of future generations of the people’s livelihood projects and good works. The implementation of the project plays an important role in supporting the production, living and ecological water demand and promoting the economic and social development in the basin. The relevant regions and departments to further enhance the overall awareness, sense of mission, strengthen the responsibility to play, strengthen communication and cohesion, careful arrangements, struggling to tackle, to further accelerate the construction progress, to ensure that the West Main Canal built before the main body fully completed, north two, West canal project started as soon as possible when appropriate, for the benefit of the masses in Huangshui River basin.

Yan Jinhai pointed out that the relevant departments should further strengthen the convergence, scientific arrangements for funding plans, preparatory work, construction progress, the formation of the construction work force. To conscientiously perform their duties, decomposition, refinement, quantify project construction tasks, strict implementation of the project contract management and target assessment mechanism, the full completion of the project construction tasks. All units should take strong measures, elaborate organization, careful management, careful construction, to promote the project construction. To strictly implement the responsibility system for safety production in the flood season, so that responsibility, measures, personnel, materials, emergency programs and security in place six, to ensure the safety of flood season projects, personnel safety.


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