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Xining City North District plans to implement the four major projects

Chengbei District of Xining city in accordance with the "four development" requirements, around the "unified three" development strategy, accelerate the development of Qinghai, Chaoyang logistics industry cluster construction projects, cultural and Sports Television Service Center project, deep processing project, copper products Xin San metal materials development investment projects and other four projects, continue to strengthen economic development. To promote the rapid growth of the industry, to achieve faster development and enrich the people strong area "goal.

products of Qinghai Chaoyang logistics industry cluster construction project: the project was listed as the "key industrial projects hundred action, mainly the integration of Chaoyang logistics park resources, Tibetan Plateau largest logistics center construction set of transactions, information, transportation, warehousing, distribution as one, with an area of 222 acres, a total construction area of about 280 thousand square meters, divided the logistics business center, trading center city, Chaoyang logistics FMCG warehousing distribution center and supporting facilities, plans a total investment of 1 billion 500 million yuan.

North District Cultural Sports Television Service Center Project: the project is a set of film and television, sports, culture, leisure, integrated development projects, including building area of 5000 square meters, in addition to television transmission, other projects will invite close units and common development, create a unique cultural industry boutique district.

Deep processing project of

copper products: the project relies on electrolytic copper and other upstream product resources, the construction of copper products deep processing Industrial Park, to fully grasp the copper consumption market of rigid demand, the introduction of copper supplement industry chain related industries, and for domestic and foreign metallurgy, machinery, shipbuilding, electric power industry to provide products. After the completion of the project, will effectively promote the development of electrolytic copper and related industries, to optimize the industrial structure, expanding employment and rapid economic development is of great significance.

Xin San metal materials development investment of the project: to match the processing of Xining special steel raw materials for the early introduction of fine and deep processing of steel products covering trade, supplemented by special steel precision seamless steel tube, petroleum, military industry, machinery manufacturing and other fields, the project plans to invest 500 million yuan, the construction in three phases, one phase has been completed that will be put into trial production. After the project period to finish the production line of heavy high-tech industrial products, the introduction of high-tech R & D cooperation unit chain, deep processing products, the main auto parts, gears, bearings and other precision strict requirements and new technical content, high economic value added products. After the production capacity of the project, the annual output value of up to 2 billion.

after the completion of these projects, to further expand the Northern District of the regional economy, improve the people’s happiness index. (author: Yan Qingqing)


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