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Provinces and departments jointly regulate the transport of construction waste

is to strengthen urban construction waste transportation, disposal management, prevention and control of road dust pollution, promote the improvement of air quality, recently, the provincial housing and urban construction department, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the Provincial Communications Department, production safety supervision and Management Bureau jointly issued the "Qinghai province urban construction management measures for sediment transport (Trial)" clearly, division of labor, strengthen the urban planning area, engaged in construction waste dumping, transportation, transit, backfilling, consumption, the use of disposal supervision and management activities.

way clear, the construction waste disposal sites should be based on the overall planning and siting requirements set the overall urban planning, land use, any entity or individual is prohibited without setting the construction waste disposal sites, engaged in construction waste disposal activities. Construction units, construction units and other construction waste disposal unit shall pay the construction waste disposal fees in accordance with the provisions. The need to dispose of construction waste, should be promptly to the area of housing and urban construction (city sanitation) departments to apply and be allowed. Ministry of public security traffic management approval of the construction of the transport of specific transport vehicles and road sections. Engaged in construction waste transport vehicles to install GPS satellite positioning system, the use of special operational nature of the vehicle or have closed, anti leakage, anti flying conditions, and in line with motor vehicle noise, exhaust pollution control standards.


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