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Xining City North District to develop small and micro hotels to ease accommodation

as of now, the city of Xining has completed the relevant formalities of small and micro Hotel 35, room 294, bed 536. With the arrival of the tourist season, the hotel occupancy rate reached 95%.

in June this year, the city of Xining city investment 1 million 900 thousand yuan, construction business area of 1800 square meters, with a total of 54 beds in Xining City, the first to enjoy the government to support the establishment of small and micro hotels. Simple furniture, comfortable sofa, convenient broadband Internet, clean bathroom facilities and simple self-help kitchen, spend only 300 dollars, to 80 square metres of living suites, this is a small micro convenience hotel. The development of small and micro hotel is the main way to accelerate the lodging industry structure adjustment and the expansion of tourism accommodation resources, but also revitalize the idle real estate, promote social entrepreneurship, employment, increase the income of urban and rural residents is an important channel of finance.

in April this year, government policies to support the small micro Hotel attracted many businessmen, to July, the north area of Xining city has registered social hotels, farmhouse hotels, family hotel 110. As of July 15th, has handled 35 small and micro hotel business procedures, room 294, bed 536, ease the difficulty of travel to the tropical accommodation. (author: Fan Shengdong)

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