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Xining Municipal Bureau of justice on the 2012 annual information and theoretical research work arra

The County Bureau of justice, the law firms, notary bodies everywhere (room): 2012 is a crucial year for the implementation of the "overall construction planning, 12th Five-Year" life in our city and the city of city of happiness, according to the city’s judicial administrative work conference and the "Xining Municipal Bureau of Justice in 2012 working points", in order to further promote the scientific the decision, promote the city full implementation of the work of the administration of justice, timely find and grasp the new situation and new problems in the development of the judicial and administrative reform, explore new approaches and new ideas for the reform and development of Judicial Administration in our city, and promote sound and rapid development of judicial administrative work in the city, we will do the 2012 annual arrangement of information and the theoretical research work of the city administration of justice system:
, a guideline in 2012 the city’s judicial administrative information and theoretical research work of the guiding ideology is: to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" and Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, conscientiously implement the province’s political and legal, judicial and administrative and the judicial administration work conference spirit, focus on the administration of justice priorities, to deepen "three key work" as the focal point, to carry out more extensive information and theoretical research work, to further enhance the city’s judicial administrative work information and the level of theoretical research, provide scientific basis and theoretical guidance for the innovation and development to promote the work of the.
two, the focus of
, around the city’s economic and social services to carry out information and theoretical research. according to the implementation of "12th Five-Year", based on the judicial administrative legal advocacy, legal services and legal protection functions, seriously study the judicial administrative work in the service and protect the city’s economic and social development, the construction of the rule of law, peace, harmony and other aspects of the combination of Xining, the starting point and focus, and study the effectiveness of new ideas and a new measure function, and continuously improve the ability and level of social coordinated development of judicial administrative work of the city’s economy.
, around the maintenance of social harmony and stability to carry out information and theoretical research. is a careful study to enhance emancipist interface control, job placement, social security measures, in-depth exploration of rehabilitation and resettlement work in prison (the) forward extension of the working mechanism, strengthen and improve the ability of placement effect, prevent and reduce illegal crime. Two is to strengthen the community correction management system and working mechanism research, and constantly standardize the working procedures, improve the management system, improve the quality and effectiveness of community correction. The three is the study of effective new measures of the people’s mediation work to resolve and prevent disputes and legal publicity and the three functions of education research, people’s mediation and administrative mediation and judicial mediation interrelated work mechanism, efforts to prevent and resolve social conflicts and disputes, to maintain social stability. Four is to deepen the lawyers involved in the settlement of social conflicts and disputes, to explore the participation of lawyers involved in letters and visits, the handling of non normal petition, participate in the people’s mediation work, effectively resolve social conflicts;

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