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Municipal Committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua checked Datong military enterprises build work

7 5 afternoon, accompanied by the Municipal Committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua in the city, the relevant departments responsible comrades of the in-depth, Datong County to inspect and guide the "military enterprises build a model village" the progress of activities, and in the Liang Jiao Xiang Government conference room to listen to the county government enterprises build a work in progress report, deputy governor Feng Ming, deputy secretary of the county Ma Wenyi county and village office responsible person accompanied by check.

Mayor Han went Liang Jiao Xiang Qiao Er Gou, Gou coal, stone village three village, the village planning, renovation, wall decoration, wall door renovation project construction schedule of a detailed understanding of the situation and check, and township and village cadres had a cordial conversation. Check, the mayor of Liang Jiao Xiang Qiao Er Gou, Gou coal, stone Zhuang village 3 building fully affirmed the work, pointed out that the construction work has achieved results, and the next step to do the following work: is a village to build a construction to stand in long established height. And make long-term planning to build as an opportunity to promote the development of industry, promoting the construction and development of the collective economy, culture, education, infrastructure, improve the living standards of the villagers; two is to carry out the work to build the way to emphasize, to fully mobilize resources, using the contact point unit, to get the funds to solve the problem of shortage of funds and work, grasp the project implementation, the "military enterprises build a model village" truly become the people, people are satisfied with the project Heart engineering; three is to innovation experience, make a bright spot. The township, the village to build a village with the characteristics and advantages, grasp the key to build a batch, in advance, to explore a effective way of village development, build a new rural construction project highlights.


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