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Chase for the first time to use helicopters to prevent forest damage

recently, the province’s forest complex aircraft pilot and prevention of diorictriaschuetzella prevention and control demonstration will be held in Datong County in East gap kite ditch national Forest Park.

It is reported that

, for forest pest in Datong County is the first use of a helicopter, control operation area, Fan Weiguang, high efficiency, good control effect, the control plane, quickly lower population density in a short period of time, the purpose of controlling the spread of pests and diseases of large area, but also can effectively solve the problem of the prevention and due to the large ground control equipment, less control power shortage, low control efficiency, provides a strong guarantee for the county forestry ecological security. At the same time, it is also the foundation for the prevention and control of complex natural forest area in Datong County and even the province.

the plane controlling forest pests by province Senfang terminus according to the tendering process of "flying prevention" to fly 33 sorties, flight operations, involving 11 compartment Dongxia forest, prevention and control of regional coverage, and to the east of Xia Zhen Hua Lin Xiang three township (town) the key state-owned natural forest of large area uniform the prevention and control, prevention and control area of 20 thousand acres, the main control object for diorictriaschuetzella. (author: Ma Haifeng)

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