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Education let the people get the most benefits

12th Five-Year period, Qinghai is the largest investment in education, school conditions to improve the fastest, people have the most affordable period. The increasing investment in education, highlighting the people’s livelihood oriented, focus on improving teaching quality, improve the basic conditions of education, educational equity has made significant progress, to achieve leapfrog development of all types of education, to make a positive contribution to the construction of new Qinghai, creating a new life.
Huimin policy to allow 900 thousand students to benefit from
["difficult to go to school", has since become history] let every child not to drop out of school because of poverty. Establish and improve the funding system of compulsory education funds safeguard mechanism and non compulsory education students, constructed from preschool education to the student financial aid policy system of higher education, the province’s nearly 900 thousand students enjoy different levels of funding policy, 2014 at all levels of student aid funds reached 1 billion 720 million yuan, an increase of 804 million yuan more than in 2010, an increase of 87.78%, to ensure the each child does not drop out of school because of poverty, urban and rural residents to further reduce the economic burden of family.
[boarders subsidy to northwest leading] stage of compulsory education in our province boarders living allowances in the northwest of the five provinces. Considering the natural environment, the cost of living and other factors, our province has repeatedly in different regions and different stage increased boarders living allowances public subsidies and compulsory education in primary and secondary schools in rural and pastoral areas in our province, the boarders living allowances in the northwest of the five provinces.
[free education to the benefit of broader] established the Sanjiang source area of "1+9+3" education funds safeguard mechanism, and six different school awards complement mechanism, implement free compulsory education; the implementation of pre-school and secondary vocational education funding policy in the province, the benefit of pre-school and secondary vocational education for all students of secondary vocational school students; exempt from tuition fees, provide free textbooks stipulated by the state, funding system gradually improve, expanding coverage.


[gratifying change turn the world upside down, infrastructure investment totaled 22 billion 30 million] the province’s education funding increase levels of education expenditure per student is higher than the national average level. Education infrastructure investment increased year after year, made a historic breakthrough, the cumulative investment in educational infrastructure at all levels of 22 billion 30 million yuan, is the 11th Five-Year total investment in education projects of a total of 5.2 times, a record high.

[urban campus, has become more and more beautiful] has implemented the adjustment of the layout of primary and secondary schools, and an engineering school standardization, teacher turnover housing, weak in high school, preschool education resource construction of a large number of education projects, greatly;

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