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Plateau beautiful rural construction remarkable results

reporter learned from the provincial housing department, last year, the province arranged the implementation of the 300 villages throughout the village to promote the plateau beautiful countryside demonstration construction tasks, a total investment of construction funds of 3 billion 210 million yuan. Arrangement of the provincial, state (city), county government enterprises twinning units 1019, the comprehensive construction of the plateau beautiful countryside has achieved remarkable results.

according to the principles of planning in advance, the province’s 300 plateau beautiful villages have completed the preparation of the village planning. Pay attention to the perfect function, energy-saving insulation, seismic fortification, and vigorously promote solar greenhouses, corridor and water heater, external wall insulation technology. The building, 300 villages to configure all kinds of garbage truck 274, garbage box (bucket) 8566; clean rivers, ditches nearly 60 kilometers; planted all kinds of trees 800 thousand, 579 kilometers of road greening. 21 villages around the town to implement a beautiful village drainage network construction, domestic sewage into the town pipe network processing. Arrangement of road hardening project construction project 710 kilometers; the installation of solar street lamp 11262; completed 69 village drinking water safety project; 62 villages to implement the non engineering measures for mountain flood prevention construction projects and facilities of agricultural water conservancy project; 118 plateau beautiful countryside power facilities were upgraded; new construction and renovation of village service Center 318; the implementation of the Central Radio and TV digital wireless coverage project etc..

in addition, plateau beautiful countryside construction, attaches great importance to the "one village one industry", "one village one product", "one village one scene" coverage, through the development of characteristic agriculture, promote the production of village integration. Vigorously develop the outskirts of leisure, ecological agriculture, tourism, folk experience, such as different types of rural tourism. Through the unified management of new arable land, revitalize the collective construction land, the development of collective property, etc., and constantly expand the collective economic strength, to build a new platform for employment of farmers and herdsmen.


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