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12 km west transit high-speed all the way green

whether it is a railway or highway, the scenery on both sides of the road is the first impression of pedestrians in the city. Green, it is from the airport high-speed landscape belt to other large scale extension of the highway! In July 22nd, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Office of Nanshan green headquarters was informed that the basis of present picturesque scenery in Xining Airport Expressway, the city of West transit highway (Qi Jia Cheng Xigang to section) the implementation of green landscape engineering, the 12 km long high-speed corridor has been paved, 8 such as the Emerald landscape node complete mosaic.
now tourists from Xining to Qinghai Lake, along the green started slowly, beautiful. West transit highway, Xining to the west of Qinghai Qinghai Lake and other tourist attractions along the highway traffic, the terrain is complex, the past highway network enclosure afforestation and afforestation of barren hills and green seedlings of small size, poor growing, lack of plant landscape, the landscape is not up to the requirements. Last year, the municipal Party committee and government working group in the investigation of the work of the proposed implementation of the small green mountains in the west of the highway to enhance the landscape of the project, requiring local conditions, built unique, beautiful landscape landscape corridor.


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