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2012 Green Fair Huangyuan agreement signed an amount of 1 billion 260 million yuan

2012 China Qinghai green economy investment and Trade Fair held in Xining, south of the new international convention and Exhibition Center from 13 to June 10th

2012 China · Qinghai green economic investment and Trade Fair held in Xining from June 10th to 13 international exhibition center. During the meeting, Huangyuan County Economic and trade delegation in the "twelve" Congress under the guidance of the spirit, in accordance with the meticulous work of philosophy, to strengthen leadership, strengthen the propaganda, carefully organized, active investment and some effective measures to further publicize and demonstrate Huangyuan’s rich natural and cultural resources, unique folk customs, culture, service perfect function, good investment environment. Green Fair during the focus from tourism and trade, industry and agriculture industrialization and so on, the focus of a good development prospects, the project construction conditions are ripe, 40 items of considerable economic benefit to the merchants for the promotion, and the signing ceremony in Xining special signed a total investment of 210 million yuan in the construction of natural gas project; Dahua logistics park project total investment of 120 million yuan; a total investment of 500 million yuan in Xi’an tiankehua wind power project; Lido Xinyuan residential projects with a total investment of 230 million yuan; the Milky Way Bay residential projects with a total investment of 200 million yuan, the agreement amounted to 1 billion 260 million yuan.



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