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A college has enrolled 6400 people in our province

In July 24th, the reporter learned from the provincial admissions held the 2014 college admission second news conference: in our province a batch of admission work from the beginning of July 15th to the end of July 22nd. To participate in the first batch of Undergraduate Admissions colleges and universities 112 kinds of literature and history, science and engineering class of 186. Planned enrollment of 6250 people (of which 970 literature and history, science and engineering 5190 people, 90 people, a single stroke single test) at present, the actual enrollment of more than 6400 people, about 102% of the planned.

– in the green plan the increased number of colleges and universities. Due to the improvement of our province scores this year, scores of candidates, better quality of students, there are many schools in Toudang admission admission into the temporary additional reserve plan candidates. At the same time, the provincial admissions actively and universities repeated communication, strive for quality plan, do a lot of patience and meticulous work, try to meet the candidates wish a good university. An increase in the number of plans more than and 200, compared to 2013 increased.

– volunteer candidates to meet the rate of increase. On the one hand is due to the enrollment information transparency, the majority of the candidates according to the examination results, the reference of the university admission rational volunteer professional, but also at all levels and departments to increase enrollment and publicity related policy advice.

– inside and outside the province, "985", "211" and the popular professional more and more obvious characteristics of college students are sufficient, the comprehensive strength of our province shows, when completing the volunteer candidates pay more attention to the University’s professional ranking, employment prospects and other factors.

oriented undergraduate plans to complete the 98.7%

the province in 2014 the national poverty-stricken areas targeted for special admissions program for undergraduate and junior college, including special programs in poor areas targeted enrollment of 679 undergraduate, mainly central departments and local colleges and universities of "211 Project" school based a group of undergraduate enrollment in Colleges and universities. After the re declaration of volunteer, adjust, and a batch enrollment work at the same time, to complete the enrollment plan 98.7%. According to the Ministry of education and the trick has provisions for special programs in poor areas targeted enrollment decline in the same batch Toudang line, but the poverty-stricken areas targeted for special admissions program (undergraduate) a volunteer presents high situation, Peking University, Tsinghua University, facing the poor areas of special admissions program to the category of the highest score of 616 points, science and engineering the highest score 644 points.

from July 10th admission to the provincial admissions have been completed separately in advance batch of undergraduate (including arts, sports undergraduate), undergraduate advance directional batches, the first batch of undergraduate batches, the first batch of Undergraduate Admissions batch oriented tasks, total enrollment of more than 8950;

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