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Xining customs high performance services boost economic development of exhibition industry in Qingha

Xining Customs accurately grasp the basic rules of customs supervision on international exhibitions, and analyze the characteristics of Qinghai Convention and exhibition economy in order to provide a full range of services for the Qinghai Convention and Exhibition economy. Up to now, the customs clearance has accumulated a total of Tibetan carpets, sporting goods, food and other items worth more than 50 dollars into the country, and the recognition of the provincial government for the past 4 years.

in recent years, "the Qinghai International Carpet Exhibition", "Qinghai Lake international road cycling race", "Chinese (Qinghai) International Halal food and products exhibition", "Chinese (Qinghai) Sanjiang International Photography Festival" and a number of other rich plateau regional characteristics of international exhibitions, sports competitions have been held successfully, add the new elements for the booming of Qinghai exhibition economy. To build a good service platform, promote the healthy development of the Convention and exhibition economy in Qinghai, Xining customs will actively respond to the service and support of the Convention and exhibition economy in Qinghai as "one of Xining customs support the development of the western region, the development of Qinghai nine measures", to make the exhibition service supervision work; at the same time, the initiative and local authorities to establish contact with the mechanism. To achieve information sharing, resource sharing, division of responsibilities, in close cooperation, the formation of the policy consulting, customs supervision, comprehensive security three-in-one work pattern.

in view of the province held an international exhibition is still in its infancy, the Xining Customs on the one hand and the initiative to communicate with the organizers, the exhibition site set up a customs service desk to provide effective on-site service. On the other hand, the entry exhibits all needs of transit, long distance, time tight, strengthen the connection and coordination with customs, ensure that the exhibits pick turn, turn turn. Xining customs for import and export goods exhibition opened Easy Access, a "one-stop" services for the entry of exhibits, sales during the exhibition exhibits, taken in the sales, centralized Customs clearance, centralized tax measures, the implementation of 24 hours of customs clearance, door-to-door service, put for special convenience. This series of personalized services, a strong boost to the healthy development of Qinghai Convention and Exhibition economy. (author: Xingzi)


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