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Xining City Transportation Bureau to check the two passenger safety production work

December 31, 2012, the Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation organization of the relevant functional departments, respectively, to inspect the Xining public transport, passenger transport, rental companies to ensure that new year holiday passengers smooth, safe ride.

"every passenger train line out of the station are required to produce a single pass. First of all, the transport enterprises must be carried out to check the safety of the vehicle, to ensure the safety of the vehicle, issued a single pass security. The vehicle is put into operation, again through the station safety inspection, qualified security in single sealed, out of the station, the station to produce qualified security checkpoints, be on the road." Xining passenger station in the examination room, the staff side demonstration computer management system, while introducing. In the waiting hall, the train line of passengers are waiting in line to get on the train, the station is in good order, not because of the arrival of the peak passenger chaos. It is understood that, in order to fully meet the demand for passenger traffic during the new year’s day peak passenger demand, Xining bus station has not only reserves emergency capacity, the station also increased service personnel, timely grooming passenger. At the same time, the ticket window to open, the time to extend the ticket, ticket, ticket to the ticket sale group. In addition, in order to ensure the safety of road transport, holiday time, Xining city public transport limited liability company licensed personnel mobilization, overtime car, shuttle bus to open summit students ride, before the complete vehicle seasonal maintenance and the maintenance work, and arrange the scheduling, capacity and adequate staff, for the upcoming passenger peak. (author: Liu Peng)


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