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The history of the western red scarf

In April 8th, the Communist Youth League, West District, West District, shaogongwei West District Education Bureau jointly organized the "Guang Ronghong scarf, meet the team" as the theme of the Young Pioneers knowledge contest. Teams from all 12 schools, through the way of competition, learning team history, understand Duizhang, ready for the young pioneers to become outstanding party members.

it is understood that in order to enhance the young pioneers of the young pioneers organization pride, a sense of belonging, enhance the attraction and cohesion of the young pioneers organization, this year, the west district has organized a variety of themes and rich educational activities, through various activities, to create a school counselor, the young pioneers of hand in hand to learn a good atmosphere, to prevent only pay attention to the selection team, and overcome the bad tendencies do not pay attention to all the young pioneers of learning together. The young pioneers and strengthen the education of basic knowledge, help the young pioneers understand the party hope and requirement for children’s growth, education and guidance of young pioneers learn young pioneers should know basic knowledge should be the training of Party and league players, team cohesion of the organization consciousness.  

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