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Restaurant chopsticks disinfection machine into the Department of inspection and quarantine departme

January 5th, the newspaper A11 version of a lot of restaurant chopsticks disinfection machine into a text caused by the relevant departments attach great importance to, and quickly attack in the city launched a special inspection of the chopstick disinfection machine.

on the same day, the City Health Bureau immediately set up a special inspection team to chopsticks disinfection, to carry out special inspections of a month long chopsticks disinfection within the city, focus on examination of catering units have tableware disinfection facilities, facilities are functioning, whether employees master tableware disinfection knowledge, the operation is standard and the disinfection effect is required. Check to take on-site supervision and sampling of disinfection effect in two ways. Municipal health management requirements of the four districts and counties of 17 days before the day of the inspection report to the Municipal Health Supervision Bureau, after the summary of the report to the Municipal Health Bureau of Health Supervision Bureau after the summary of the three. At the same time, the masses of chopsticks seriously accept the problem, timely investigation, the chopsticks do not require cleaning and disinfection and do not correct the food and beverage units to be severely punished.

on the same day, the reporter to follow the health supervision department staff were raided in my city, east part of the restaurant, when the inspection team to the city district a beef noodle restaurant, disinfection machine is full of dirt, wash the dishes in the restaurant hall after nearly double the washed chopsticks without any disinfection measures put aside. For the problems found during the inspection, the municipal health supervision staff to the person in charge of the restaurant made a deadline for rectification.


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