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What questions do you have any suggestions you will mention the police interaction to invite you to

January 10, 2011, is the 110 public security police station in Xining after the opening of the "110" propaganda day, for this reason, the Xining public security department at noon on the afternoon of 10, held in the center of the provincial capital of the propaganda activities of the Department of public security, the Ministry of public security on the other hand.

according to the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of the relevant person in charge, the fourteenth "110" publicity campaign on the theme of "open the door on the police, to build peace xiadou". At noon on January 10th, the Xining public security department in the central square, Swat, police organization governance, public security, household registration, narcotics and other related business offices and branches to carry out publicity and comment on police, police and interactive activities, to provide legal services for the public to explain the crime prevention knowledge, answer the question, for the masses to solve specific problems.

at the same time, the public security departments will also invite representatives of the masses into the area (police command center, police station) to visit, understand the alarming process, police station work, hope that through the activities of the masses into police camps, in-depth understanding of the work of public security, made valuable comments and suggestions to improve and work for public security.


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