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Xining Central Plaza North expansion project won the 2014 national double gold

recently, "Xining City Center Square North expansion project construction detailed planning" is Chinese Institute of building and national Habitat classic program organizing committee named the 2014 national habitat environment planning, classic double gold medal.

Central Plaza North expansion project is the key project of Xining province and Xining City, is an important project to implement the urban development strategy. Planning to provide better service for the people as the starting point, the construction of city core area of active waterfront green square, based on the existing central plaza, provide greater cultural leisure and entertainment to the public, to enhance and enrich the cultural life of the general public; to improve the comprehensive function of the city as the starting point, the construction of underground the three-dimensional traffic network at the entrance of the west central business area up and down the slope, on the ground, but also the public safety, smooth and comfortable travel environment; to enhance the quality of city landscape and city completely through Xining from north to South Corridor line of sight to the Nanchuan river a "cultural corridor", "leisure corridor" and the "energy corridor" to create the conditions.

planning adhere to the "people-oriented, harmony" harmony between man and nature principle, through the integration of land resource utilization and efficiency of the city, the people’s bank system integration and function integration industry, infrastructure and the transformation of the old city, the planning and design strategy of the integration of the space form and the surrounding environment, the full realization of the social benefits and environmental benefits. The economic benefits of win-win.


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