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Voluntary tree planting more than one thousand public welfare activities

by the West District Volunteer Association of Xining City, West Sea city newspaper jointly organized the West happy forest voluntary tree planting charity activities, on March 28th officially started, and to accept the reader registration. Due to the current enrollment has more than 1000 people, April 2nd, West District Volunteers Association, Chengxi District Environmental Protection Bureau, the west area of agriculture and animal husbandry bureau according to the actual situation, the decision will be scheduled for April 9th at 10 in the morning to carry out tree planting site, from the west side to Nanchuan State Road 109 East, north of Yinshan Village (a roadside banner guide). At the same time according to the request of the public, on the morning of April 13th 10 will again carry out tree planting activities, activities located in the west side of nanchuan.

according to the west area of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau staff, the April 9th planting activities, providing the public with the sapling is 3 cm in diameter and height from 1.5 meters of spruce; April 13th tree planting activities, providing the public is more than 80 cm in height of seedlings of spruce. At the same time, according to the registration requirements, in order to let the public feel happy tree planting activities, April 9th, planting process will enable the public to fully experience the digging pits, put seedlings, watering. At the same time, some people consider lack of digging pits and tools, tree planting activities in April 13th, the west area of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau staff to help people dug pits. (author: Zhang Pu)

West District Volunteers Association tree planting registration Tel: 6114636, contact: Chang yang.

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