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Xining city district bright performance bidding selection of cadres

The City District of Xining City,

for the first time the project bidding and performance appraisal concept into the cadre selection process, change the selection of cadres "written + interview" mode, in order to "bright performance", "write the tender" and "do defense", "test theory" and "the masses" and "than the calendar" etc. for a link, and Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of city public selection of street office deputy director in 4 position, and strive to make "hands-on" cadre talent shows itself in competition.

April 18th, the region for the region issued a 4 post tender notice. Although the time limit "open book" exam, but write tenders is not easy, want to do a good job in "tender", not only to the problem, thinking investigation in a short period of time, to understand the job functions, but also good at solving problems, understand the situation enough. Expert review group for each bidding object of the feasibility of the proposed program, scientific analysis and evaluation, and the tender score. At the same time, the organization of the respondent, the bidding object to the term work plan detailed statement.

bright performance bid is a bold exploration of the city to promote the competitive selection of fine work, which means that candidates must be Kung Fu in peacetime. In addition to the selection of four deputy leaders of the section level, and found a number of reserves in the bottom line of the first line of work is also one of the important goals of the organization of the election.

no elimination of the entire examination mode is also the highlight of the city’s district cadres. In reply to applicants before the "bright" main achievements in recent years work, the judges group composed of experts and professors, two representatives of members and ordinary cadres, representatives of the masses’s independent scoring, and included in the total score according to the weight proportion. "Way out of" the examination mode is to "small weight polycyclic" ideas set, six aspects of the examination, the weight of the highest proportion of the part of the respondent is only a total score of 35%, written examination achievement weight ratio is reduced to 25%, which means that a link is to get good grades can not guarantee the final win, really let the compound talents to work, "than out, test out". (author: Su Jianping Zhang Baiting)

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