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How to upgrade rural power network in Fujian

in the vast rural areas, every day due to the insecurity of the power grid is still causing death, because electricity is not enough, in the hot summer, there will be a power outage phenomenon. For this series of phenomena, Fujian how to upgrade rural power? The following and small series of specific understanding.

6 27 according to a new round of upgrading rural power project implementation plan issued by the Fujian provincial government, "13th Five-Year" period, the province will invest 41 billion yuan to increase the overall planning, construction and renovation efforts to enhance the rural power grid, power grid safety, power supply capacity and the level of equipment, mainly to solve the problem of voltage standards, irrational structure and power lack of electricity.

State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., the relevant responsible person said, because of the historical, institutional and other factors, the part of the county rural low-voltage power line long distance distribution capacity shortage, low voltage problem still exists; affected by natural disasters, rural power grid prone pole collapse caused by the breaking of the poor area and power grid short-circuit fault; the construction of remote minority regions is relatively backward, the lack of system transformation of rural power grid area.

according to the plan, 2016 to 2017, Fujian province will invest 2 billion 940 million yuan to upgrade 1765 of the province’s small towns and rural reconstruction center of the village, in order to adapt to the agricultural products (000061, stock it) processing, rural tourism, rural development and farmers electricity consumption upgrade electricity demand; 1 billion 710 million yuan investment, the completion of the province’s 2998 natural village power shortage in rural transformation, has the power on the basis of the construction and reconstruction of water-saving irrigation, agricultural and sideline products processing, livestock and aquaculture and other power supply facilities.

in addition, Fujian province electric power sector will be through the implementation of a new round of rural power grid upgrading, enhance rural household distribution capacity, basically eliminate the user "low voltage"; improve the levels of distribution network structure, improve the distribution network supply ability; improve rural power network distribution line equipment, improvement of agricultural disaster prevention ability and intelligent level to build a modern rural power grid, reasonable structure, advanced technology, safe and reliable, intelligent and efficient.

Fujian for rural transformation and upgrading, not only effectively improve the safety of the power grid, but also ensure that the vast rural areas have adequate power, no power outage phenomenon in hot summer. This is a basic Huimin policy, is very meaningful!

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