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Are farmers Park Building Experimental Primary School

now the country in order to promote entrepreneurship, are constantly building some entrepreneurial base and business park, at the same time, some related services business base measures have attracted much attention, in the farmers Park Duan established experimental school.

"Pioneer Park Experimental Primary School smooth school, my children to the nearest school, let the whole family are assured." From August 31st, Du’an Yao Autonomous County Security Xiang Yuan village relocation of farmers into the city to force Duan Pioneer Park High Tang says.

in order to make the new school put into use as soon as possible, delivered from the building started in October last year to August 25th this year, Du’an County Board of education special project office full-time technician tracking supervision, supervision work overtime holidays Dundian, the construction team to work construction, all in unison together, on time and according to the amount to promote the project construction, build a complete function perfect facilities, excellent quality, in a barren land, it only took 10 months for the first class school. In order to promote the school quality education, the County Education Bureau complete school groups and teachers, the end of July this year in the city open recruitment appointment 3 school leaders, in the county within the scope of public examinations to recruit 27 have the educational experience of young teachers, and from the other county primary school transferred 10 teaching backbone to enrich the school, make new the school is equipped with full-time teachers to form a new mode of unified, unified management, unified assessment of teaching objectives with the school team. The school successfully recommended school

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