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What should be considered in choosing a business or business

entrepreneurs, business people are not afraid of wealth, not afraid of no experience, not afraid of no network, the most afraid of is not the right choice. As the saying goes: women are afraid to marry the wrong Lang, men fear into the wrong line. In fact, regardless of men and women, as long as their own business, business, are afraid of the wrong line. The daily bankruptcy bankruptcy happen every day, but most of them are because of the wrong line, the decision because the analysis is not thorough, but not highly cognitive mistake. Here, the whole network Xiaobian to explain the attention of you one by one.

1. should choose more popular nowadays industry;

2. shall be selected for local customs, consumers need to cater to the local industry; meet the needs of the local economic development of the industry; it must be a lot of market research before entering an industry, lose leg force and time as what, no investigation to cause finally lost a lot of business savings that is the most painful the. For example, for people of Guangdong and Guangxi wide taste of food in many places is difficult to open the market for the people of Guizhou; fire and cooking dual-purpose stove on promotion of iron in other regions? Now in many parts of the country mandatory promotion of insulation mortar, in Yunnan and Kunming to promote the opening of


3. should choose the national policy to encourage the industry, because the national policy to encourage the industry in all aspects of tax, and funds are preferential; and encourage the development of national policy, it shows that the industry has a good market space. For example, the pig, in recent years, the country strongly encouraged, as well as subsidies sows, and now pig industry is indeed very optimistic.

4. should choose a relatively small investment in the industry, willing to wait until the capital accumulation to a certain extent and then consider expanding operations. Want to do that line, no matter how good it can not put all of the savings into a full investment, which is a little bit of risk awareness. For a project, do you do not earn money, but also decided by many personal factors and external factors, such as your people, management ability, social ability, management ability, affinity, market changes, policy changes are directly determines you to do this project do not earn money. Japanese radio Matsushita Karanosuke the father of liquidity always has 40% in sleep, it is because of this trick he experienced many a generation of strong wind and big waves, the father of radio. For example, a man in Sichuan to borrow about three million building public rental village Allah Township in Kunming, and later as a result of the public planning for the village into the village, under the jurisdiction of the economic development zone, so the land tight, strict management of construction. Just this land license has not yet run down, the results of the government’s comprehensive law enforcement pushed to the ground. From the past, hope that the majority of entrepreneurs in mind.

5. should choose a higher rate of return on the industry. The rate of return on capital is an entrepreneur, business people can not ignore the point, because the capital into the market is the pursuit of profit, the pursuit of return. At this point, the business must be cautious, further strict analysis, because of a lot of projects for their own interests, most of them will be the return of funds.

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