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Mahjong cheated sentenced to six months to win 120 million yuan

mahjong cheating was sentenced, 5 people fall into the game, half lost 120 million yuan. The installation of cameras in the room such as gambling organizers and cheating equipment, computer analysis of the cards, in order to win large sums of money.

mahjong room ceiling hidden camera

installed equipment, the process of playing mahjong in Zhang Mouming, by Chen Mouhui and other four in building 2 room Huadu Shuixie by receiving equipment, received Zhang Mouming et al placed on the mahjong table mahjong, and computer analysis of each of the hands of mahjong, then through the communication device to inform Zhang Ming playing mahjong what should a mahjong. Zhang Mouming through the signal receiving equipment in the ears, the background received instructions, according to the background of the instruction cards, the cheating way to cheat Xu Moumou money.

At the beginning of the

2014, because the received signal 2 a waterside Huadu real bad, Chen Mouhui four will receive the equipment to a room 3 building, waterside Huadu, and the real Zhang Mouming continue to command playing mahjong.

a trial the defendant sentenced

5 18 July, Chen Mouhui and colleagues found that the camera is not normal shooting, Chen Mouhui will bring people to the golf practice center mahjong room repair equipment, in the repair process, Chen Mouhui and other 3 people recommended

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