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Xiamen’s first new media children’s comedy film

in the process of economic development, culture is also in constant development, each region has its own unique cultural color. The play area of culture, to create a more distinctive cultural environment, the launch of Xiamen’s first children’s comedy movie new media!

Xiamen’s first children’s comedy film "new media" adorable baby pet uncle fled before the official start date.

according to reports, the film launched by the Xiamen cloth run about culture, just out of prison "child molester" because of debt disputes, kidnapped 5 year old adorable little Lolita stay.

due to serious communication barriers between the two generations, leading to a joke in the life together with the final small Lolita innocence of adorable "child molester" indifference, utilitarian, selfish and paranoid. Movie comedy, warmth, tear and other elements as a whole, hope to bring you joy at the same time, thinking about children’s safety, to awaken the public conscience.

the film production team gathered the best in Xiamen, CO directed by Xiamen director Wang Peng and director of local CCTV gold golden island, main cast members are from Xiamen. It is worth mentioning that the star did not choose popular star, but was held by the young actors in the Xiamen sea election activities, selected talented performers and in accordance with the main image of the female film small adorable baby, create a shiny local small child, injecting fresh vitality for the Xiamen film market.

With the development of

economy and the improvement of people’s living standard, people pay more and more attention to the harmonious development of spiritual culture. For the majority of children to create a more rich spiritual culture, is a very meaningful thing. The city of Xiamen, "adorable baby" launched pet uncle escape we will wait and see!

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