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Mastering the female psychology and choosing the location of women’s clothing shop

shop location is a very particular about the problem of knowledge, to investigate the location of the store, business scale, the surrounding environment, etc.. For the women’s franchise store operators, shop location also need to understand the psychology of women shopping.

women than men is more dependent on the store location. A shopping mall has done a survey found that men do not care about the mall location is not in the middle, and the difference is on the women’s position is over.

"good location, high traffic", this is an indisputable evidence. In terms of clothing market is not what unspoken rules and secrets. Large passenger flow so that women’s sales faster, everyone has a curiosity, a strong flow of people tend to get together to squeeze into the shop to see. This is in terms of the apparel industry: women really more dependent on the location of the store than men.

location when the women’s clothing store in, we must consider the female consumer psychology and perception. Make full use of all the factors to attract more customers to their shops, make the most correct location decision.

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