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This hot network should be happy or worried

Despite the advent of the

network class time is not long, but caused great influence by many college students pursued, this website is undoubtedly successful, but this represents what, this success, as social workers, we should be happy or worried?

"we carry out the online exchange course action only hope that we can change the way of learning fun. And a day you are not interested in the boring class, sleep in class, play mobile phone, read novels, rather than with others in a section of their interest in the class, I think it should be called rational truancy."

Two days ago he had just

, on the Internet made a substitute for, really did not expect to have contact with him. "The general post and reply is a school student, do not figure what is to save money, a sharp." Like Wang, many students with the same idea have joined in. For some classes do not know a network of students, when asked whether to use this form of online "skipping", most of them are willing to try "".

for the student truancy network, history and society, Anhwei Normal University vice president Lv Junlong believes that skipping behavior may disturb the normal teaching order, bad influence. He said that he engaged in education, schools encourage students to entrepreneurship, promote innovation, but innovation can not violate the normal rules of the school. This network caters to appear some students psychology to a certain extent, if handled improperly, may have negative effects caused by the normal teaching school.

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