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How to choose the Taiwan steak

wave of love all over the country once again swept the Chinese market, but people love when the object of entrepreneurship. Yes, do poineering work now seems to have become a trend, many people think in the widening gap between rich and poor as for themselves due to their wealth. Entrepreneurship has become the primary choice. Su’s advantage lies in joining steak with mature mode and system, rely on the good brand advantage, reduce the investment risk, the neighborhood of Western fast food from Singapore, close to the popular international brand, is an excellent platform for entrepreneurship! So Taiwan sushi steak Au

how much money?

how much does it cost to join the Taiwan steak? See the following details:

join fee: 100 thousand

management fee: 10 thousand

per year

margin: 20 thousand

join has the following advantages:


according to the principle of small profits, Chinese features guest hall hall more guests more, as long as there is a certain profit space, ranging from 20-35 yuan price positioning the company positioning, enough to make the guest feel high quality and inexpensive. Taiwan Su’s steak is a recipe for a secret recipe, the taste of the market than the existing steak, only win, however, tender, fragrant, sweet taste really, is the biggest characteristic of sue steak.


open workshop, allowing guests to see the whole process of food processing, an appetite, rest assured. All employees work clothes is unified by the owner of the dry cleaners dry cleaning, let the guests go getters clean, store decoration not luxurious but neat and not random.


customers, friends! Remove the traditional food and beverage industry to bow and scrape so that customers have a sense of restraint, service mode, every customer into the store as a friend to his home to visit, warm and not warm, polite and not doing, let the customer happy to come on an impulse.

Taiwan sushi steak with a sincere heart, and constantly create a richer, healthier and more delicious products as its mission, to win more consumer preferences, continue to lower price and products, to serve the public.

The above is the simple introduction of

, joined the Taiwan Su’s steak, of course, if you join this Taiwan sushi steak is interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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