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Furniture store how much money to invest

furniture store investment how much money? Many businesses on this issue is not very interested in, if you want to know more detailed information you can look at this information arrangement, can provide some reference to you, different store type investments, you can according to their own situation to explore business opportunities.

first tier cities: 250 thousand -45 million

is to open a 250 square meters of furniture stores in Shenzhen, at least have to hire a 75000 yuan, the highest spending 150 thousand yuan; but also for the back shop decoration, according to 200 yuan / sq m of the standard to calculate, a total of 50 thousand yuan renovation costs 250 square meters; the last is stock investment Shenzhen, because the high level of consumption, the general sales of high-grade furniture, if business furniture, also have a minimum to 100 thousand yuan of liquidity, how much money to open a furniture shop? If it is the business of solid wood furniture, that almost 200 thousand yuan liquidity; this is, at present a furniture store in Shenzhen in 250 thousand, an investment of about -40 million.

is currently in Shanghai, wages also slightly higher than Shenzhen, the furniture store rent minimum to 200 yuan / square meters, up to 400 yuan / square meters, higher than Shenzhen, which opened in Shanghai, a furniture store need to invest 450 thousand yuan highest.

three market: 200 thousand -30 million

How much is a furniture store

? Is currently in the Anhui provincial capital of Hefei, sales and installation work wages in about 700 yuan, warehouse rent of about 12 yuan / square meters, the furniture store rent of about 30-70 yuan / square meters, shop decoration cost of about 100-120 yuan / square meters, with two belonging to city of Hefei, the furniture is lower than the overall grade level of city management, so a 250 square meters of furniture stores about 100 thousand liquidity -20 million yuan, the total investment of about 200 thousand yuan -30 million.

for the furniture store in the mainland city open may increase the logistics cost of this problem, many furniture production enterprises in the provincial and prefecture level city has important storage centers, free of charge to the dealer for manufacturers of furniture products sent to the warehouse, the goods to within 3 days free storage charges, it normally does not increase in freight the cost of dealers.

County Market: 100 thousand -15 million

is currently in the mainland are not large majority of County furniture stores, furniture sales are to form an independent shop to shop, basically not to hire employees, but mainly by husband and wife two people to complete the purchase, sales and installation work; in addition, the store is most street Shang Zhu Lou, a layer formed by the recommended 3-5 independent stores open partition

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