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10 the nternet entrepreneur must read book

with the gradual development of entrepreneurship, many entrepreneurs will feel the lack of information. Entrepreneurs have an obligation to be more cultural than others. Today we recommend a list of Internet startups. Help entrepreneurs deeper self reflection.


the beginning of the end, it is also suitable for reading books, so today for everyone to recommend some good books carefully and take heart.

Each book

in the skill level, they may not bring you much help. But in the depth of thinking and understanding of the nature of the problem, there is no doubt that they will lead you to a higher or deeper level.

1. "four step Venture Law"     Author:   [us]  Steven  Gary  Blank

Recommended reason:

about entrepreneurship methodology of the book, the market is not uncommon, there are far Sun Taoran’s "business   36  military discipline", recently, the almost the business circle is regarded as the "red book" lean startup. In contrast, this venture four step fame is much smaller.

but from the bottom of my heart, I can say that it is I have seen all the methods about entrepreneurship theory book, the most rigorous and comprehensive, the system basically is one of the best. Whether you are doing the Internet, which is about how to solve the entrepreneurial process you will encounter a series of problems at the business level will be given a specific practical guidance work. So that after I read it, I had a strong desire to buy a group of this book down, to my friends who are starting to send a.

2. "finite and infinite game"       Author: [America]  James ·

CastroRecommended reason:

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