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National jewelry store management mode which

exquisite jewelry can make our life more beautiful, also can let the business have a better choice, how to open a national jewelry store? That’s what many investors want to know. In fact, the national business shop is not difficult, as long as you grasp the correct method of operation, and reasonable operation, I believe that your brand will be able to be recognized and accepted by more and more people, so you do long-term business, full of harvest of wealth. Exactly how to do it? Let’s go and see it.

Market Outlook:

in culture on the road, the reporter saw such a shop, store "Dongba cowhide painting", "yak", "Tibetan antelope" is a strong national style and unique jewelry. Owner Ma told reporters that she originally worked in Tibet, the goods are shipped directly from Tibet, opened more than a month, the business is very good.

minority jewelry, not only suitable for wear and can be used for ornamental and collectible value, is popular among young people especially young students, tourists is relatively stable, therefore, business national jewelry store, if you know the operation of the road, to attract repeat customers, market prospects should be very broad.

investment analysis:

national jewelry store location is very important, although the market prospects, if the site is not right, it will be difficult to operate. The best choice in the more popular business district, next to the school or similar shops more concentrated areas. This kind of shop area is not large, generally about 15-20 square meters, slightly larger but also 30 square meters.

investment is not large, pre shop investment of about 20 thousand -3 million. The best control in 2000 yuan monthly rent, renovation of 5000 yuan, the first batch of stock funds 10 thousand -1.5 million, plus staff wages, utilities and other fees, twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan will be able to open a business with a small capital.

business advice:

first of all to ensure that supply, purchase is a problem, such as Tibetan jewelry, from Tibet purchase, the road is far away, to pay a certain transportation costs. Secondly, the operator must have a certain artistic appreciation and quality of life, keep up with the trend, the market demand is more accurate judgment, because their favorite customers do not necessarily like.

in addition, the owner had better have a certain art knowledge, so you can make some unique style of jewelry. Ms. Ma said, the store jewelry should be high, medium and low take into account, some of the high-end display products are mainly on the home decoration, but the best selling or those more than ten yuan, dozens of dollars in low-grade jewelry.

such a store if you don’t know how to operate it, to recommend

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