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Open shop should remember a few key points

any business is not easy, many business shop looks very simple, in fact, is not so simple, such as a very common package, want to open a package store, to have money, experience, patience, have to do business and purchase decoration, etc.. In addition, there are several key points must be kept in mind. The following is a detailed analysis, if you intend to open the package store, or has opened a bag shop, look at it!

point one, site selection

how to open the store? The quality of the place is more important than the size of the store; the quality of the goods is more important than the location,. Traffic is the most important: busy streets, downtown, the public may consider the next station, with the famous stores: as long as the local female consumers often appear, such as popular busy shopping malls, clothing city, female stores.

points two, merchandise display skills

goods to update, goods are arranged in order, will not necessarily lead to good business, but is out of order of the store, often have customers. Getting out of stock is equal to the customer is slow, the shop wrong negligence.

points three, sales should be flexible

can not always stare at customers, can not be entangled endlessly. Flattery before sales, not as good after-sales service. This is the only rule of making permanent customers. In front of the customer or clerk rebuked the quarrel, is to get rid of customer need. Don’t force sales, not sell what customers like, but sell what is good for customers. Even if the gift is just a piece of paper, the customer is happy, if there is no gift, give a smile.

points four, do credit

how to open the store? Do not have to worry about the lack of funds, should be worried about the lack of credit. Customers spend only one yuan, 100 yuan more than the customer, the business is more fundamental to the prosperity of the. More working capital. 100 yuan turnover of funds for the 10 time, it became a $1000.

points five, product promotion

shelves placed some information about the bag on the introduction, especially the more popular new style. For example, put some exquisite small folding, convenient for customers to access and understand these new bags.

points six, the store poster

how to open the store? Shanghai Post newspaper, posters in the store, use bags and collocation instruction introduction. The 3 gift: for one-time buy large quantities of bags or customers accumulated large purchases of members, to give different grades of gifts recommended

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