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Fujian big data industry development 1136 project

big data industry came into being, for the development of the economy played a good role in promoting, has been unanimously affirmed. So, Fujian big data industry development "1136" project specific is how? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding.


Straits technology and projects fair financial data summit introduced credit information center, big data big data aggregation data standards and data assets evaluation, big data application platform, big data business, big data industry application and other relevant circumstances.

Fuzhou, June (Xinhua) Lin Chunyin (2016), the fourteenth China · (); the Strait project achievements Fair (hereinafter referred to as 6· 18), held in Fuzhou Strait Convention and Exhibition Center on the 20. A number of big data industry leaders signed a contract to build a large data trading center in Fujian, Fujian ushered in the era of big data another important node.

in the "6· Internet economy in Fujian province in 2016 18 key investment projects" held matchmaking, electronic information group Lenovo, HP, Oracle, Schneider electric, Kim Union Bank and other famous enterprises and Fujian Province signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Fujian province to build large data exchange center.

Shi Youlian, director of the Fujian provincial development and Reform Commission, digital Fujian comprehensive planning department, said the big data trading center will boost the development of e-commerce in Fujian Province, and the reserve of large data industry technical personnel

. Fujian will continue to attract economic and trade, marine, transportation, tourism, public services, financial and other areas of large data related institutions and enterprises into Fujian, driven by the development of large data industry.

earlier, at the beginning of this year, the Fujian provincial development and Reform Commission and the Beijing National Information Center signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will be in 2 years, the basic completion of the Silk Road of the sea Chinese large data center and service system, fully support the Fujian sea in twenty-first Century the core area of the Silk Road construction.

industry analysts believe that Fujian has many advantages to promote the development of large data industry: "Zoran digital Fujian construction, industrial base reserves; two South and the North Industrial Park pattern has been formed; the official push and support policies continue to release the bonus.

2014 in October, the Fujian provincial government issued on the support of large data industry to accelerate the development of key areas of the ten measures, the introduction of a series of supporting measures. Earlier this month, the province and the introduction of "promoting the development of large data Fujian province implementation plan", proposed in 2020 to build the national first-class large data industry and application demonstration bases.

is located in the north and south of Fujian digital Fujian (Changle) Industrial Park and China International Information Technology (Fujian) Industrial Park, is speeding up the construction of a large data industry in the province key recommendation

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