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Entrepreneurs through which a few bank loans to

entrepreneurial wealth is everyone’s dream, but a lot of people want to start a business without enough venture capital, loans have to walk on the road of entrepreneurship, so that business loans in the end to go through a few bank? Today the whole network Xiaobian to tell you three pass a business loan to live.

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200 thousand yuan started clothing wholesale boss Mr. Zhang, liquidity tensions, he was lucky in the bank for a $500 thousand loan to help the industry. With the help of this money, business has been rapid development, within two years, the average annual operating income of 5 million yuan, with an average annual net profit of $800 thousand. Although there are a number of successful cases, such as Mr. Zhang, but did not successfully apply for loans to help the industry is most. The reporter on the 3 launch of similar personal business loans to banks, banks have said that business loan market is very large, for a lot of people, but because of the bank’s approval for more strict control, so fewer people get money. "Ten people apply, can have a person to succeed even if is very good." A joint-stock commercial bank insiders said frankly.

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