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How to open a profitable drink shop

if it is just a shop, which is not a strange thing in the current, however, it is precisely because of such an entrepreneurial background, leading to the fierce competition in all walks of life. Therefore, if you want to shop to make money, naturally need to grasp more skills. This does not, there is a little-known beverage shop in Tianjin, do not look at the small area of only 20 square meters, but the profit is not low, net profit of more than 500 thousand yuan a year. To know a lot of peers, a net profit of about 200000 yuan a year, then what is the secret to make money to drink shop?

location: mouth for secret corner, accounted for


this beverage shop is not open in the bustling business circles, but in a community as well as primary and secondary schools are more concentrated (three) area. Here is what the doorway? The boss Mr. Yu said, although the bustling commercial circles of traffic, but the rent is high, a lot of profits are also rent ate, competitors, and here although traffic is not great, but the surrounding no competition, profits naturally high. In addition, there is a way: "mouth quasisociological, accounted for."

first, the so-called mouth for angle, is their drinks store opened at a crossroads in the corner, I drink shops this will allow more passers-by to see increased traffic, some invisible. I have done a statistical, perhaps not very scientific, but at the intersection of the corner to open than in the side of the road traffic increased by nearly 40%.

second, accounting for the main way, in fact this is a pointer to the student customers, every school time is tight, the students to pay attention to my store, do not patronize, and after school, the time is not tight, eat some snacks, buy a drink is normal, visit our customers will be a lot of beverage stores.

third, if you can be close to the bus station is the most ideal, although I’m not close to the store, but the distance is not far, about 150 meters, a lot of people waiting for the car will buy a drink.

also, be sure to stay away from the restaurant, at least 300 to 500 meters. Because a restaurant itself is selling drinks, and I formed a competition, but very few people will go to a restaurant with a cup of drink into the store habit; two is the restaurant around there are many cigarette and liquor vendor they are selling, drinks, and I formed a competition. Due to different customer needs, I have little competitive advantage.

I need to close sales can take out food areas, such as specialty food store (Roast Chicken shop, pizza shop). Because these foods do not drink, and people eat when drinking habits, just form a complementary.

customer’s Secret: community is invisible gold


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