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China fish top three recommended items

fish health now very fire, investors favor open wealth undertakings in this industry. But the existing market fish health project so much, investors how to choose which good? Chinese fish project top three recommendations, provide a reference for the business in the fish health industry investors.

the brand belongs to the world Jun Yi (Wuhan) industrial investment limited.

1 advantages: the company strength, abundant funds, including the company’s current investment areas: food, clothing, electronic commerce and health in 4 areas.

2 advantages: small devil fish is the chain leader honyaradoh.

3 advantages: strong technical personnel up to more than and 50 people, respectively in 4 major areas: Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing. Where the agents need to serve, the nearest technician will come.

5 advantages: small devil fish brand has a lot of stable customer groups, good brand.

disadvantages: investment funds strict management, the price is not loose, brand awareness and brand protection is very strong.

the brand belongs to Hubei auspicious clouds online Industrial Development Co. ltd..

1 advantages: the company belongs to the young entrepreneurs team is very passionate and vibrant.

2 advantages: the company is more flexible, good decoration style.

disadvantages: as more flexible, brand awareness is not strong, the market control needs to be improved.


self-employed fish kiss outside

brand all belong to the individual, but also help to do part-time to join.

1 advantages: the price is flexible, the minimum charge fee of more than 10 thousand of the technology can help.

disadvantages: 1 no formal guarantee company as

2  no professional technical support

3  no authorization qualification

4  aftermarket problems can not be resolved (especially in the field shop)

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