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The investment in pie

pie must not have a few people have not eaten it. Crispy skin with minced meat flavor, it will make people lead a person to endless aftertastes. Do you know how the pie came? Do you know there is a touching story behind this? Follow the small series to find out about it!

during the reign of the Qing Dynasty, Zheng Banqiao served as the Weixian Weixian has affected the magistrate, coincides with the harvest, he is diligent and honest, open the granaries, led the people actively disaster, people’s life gradually back on track. Ledao pie to join the market recovery boom, a variety of Weixian local snacks, pie also appear at this time. In that time the pie pie to a relatively simple, Weixian in the Qing Dynasty there are a large number of farmers use the slack pie town selling them to noodle with a wooden bar, the surface and very hard, people call it "Xiang fire", "i". Until the end of Qing Dynasty, along with the improvement of people’s living standard, carnivorous was also cleverly integrated into the meat pie, the fire came into being.

investment in the pie? What are the advantages of Ledao pie?


Ledao pie

1, rich market experience, accurate brand positioning:

years of experience in the domestic market operations, in-depth understanding of consumer psychology and consumer demand, and constantly optimize the design, truly fit the domestic awareness and demand;

2, brand regional franchise, long-term development security:

designated areas of priority brand management rights, the steady growth of the agency’s interests, the value of the brand effect and long-term development of security, mutual benefit and win-win;

3, unified visual image, professional store design:

unified national image of the VI, to create a good brand awareness; the company provides free store decoration design, and by many years of experience in the decoration of the decoration team team, to ensure the quality of decoration;

4, improve the supply system, standardize the market order:

perfect supply system greatly reduces the cost of risk, the unified national price policy, to ensure the orderly and efficient market order, the national linkage to share the scale of efficiency;

5, multiple policy support, long-term stability benefits:

industry the lowest supply discounts, multi market policy support, to ensure that the largest profit margins and market space operators, quickly and efficiently start the market;

6, efficient goods support, product replacement without lag:


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