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What are the names of the kindergarten method

as parents are now paying more and more attention to their children in kindergarten, the number of public kindergartens is limited, so that the number of private kindergartens is increasing. However, if private kindergartens want to get better development, it is necessary to have a proper name, which requires people to master the relevant methods, so that the kindergarten named work becomes more relaxed. So, what are the names of the kindergarten method?


in a famous enterprise

some enterprises in order to expand their business areas, or in order to better serve the society, establish their own corporate image, will be involved in preschool education. For example: Ginza, Haier, Shandong etc. this name can be directly used to use. Kindergarten name can be named by the name of the company to create a brand easier.

is named after the famous international school

in order to express what they want to cultivate the child, the name of the kindergarten can be the name of the training objectives are: small Oxford, Harvard, and so on, but also to produce a brand of international education association.


in community

real estate development in the community, the name for the community, great pains brains, so out of the name, usually better, loud atmosphere. Therefore, the name of the community to kindergarten, the most direct and most labor-saving, will play a complementary, multiplier effect.

to highlight the characteristics of education named

for example, the Olympic, golden childhood, happy angel, Orff art kindergarten, kindergarten, etc..

to reflect the children’s innocence named

, such as beating beans, sunshine baby, big windmill, etc..


with letters or numbers

numbers and letters, and sometimes the most direct reflection of the image of the kindergarten, well, it will be very simple and unique, memorable. There are some profound implications in it, such as three of the three kindergarten. Three on behalf of the early childhood education is divided into 0~3 years old and 4~6 years of age, the two different stages of education in the three. Two figures on the integration of education to express the characteristics of education, can be described as concise and lively, thought-provoking.


in other ways

For example:

(1) for public taste named kindergarten: golden key, star, the sun, New Oriental; (2) to trees and birds, plants and color naming, the Blue Sky Kindergarten: oaklet >

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