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Chongqing to open a small noodle shop on the pole need how many money

Chongqing small noodles since the CCTV documentary "by large food culture is highly sought after food consumers and investors on the tip of the tongue 2 after the broadcast of" Chinese. Chongqing small noodle brand is also meet the eye everywhere in Chongqing, today Xiaobian to recommend a special Chongqing small noodles to join the project, Lai Biandan Chongqing small noodles. Lai Biandan facet, has been adhering to the "strict, serious, active and efficient" spirit and integrity, strict product quality, adhere to innovation, enthusiasm, and thoughtful for customers to provide quality services, so that customers feel times to care "gastronomy" as the cornerstone for the brand. Lai Biandan facet of long-term adherence to the fundamental interests of the entrepreneur, the core concept of entrepreneur’s personal pursuit into the long-term development of enterprises ", provide a roofless entrepreneurial stage for the majority of entrepreneurs! Lai pole invites the world to share the tremendous opportunities for a person with breadth of vision, Lai Biandan facet project market, and strive for" create the pasta top brand ", will lead the China fast fashion industry to a new height.

A small noodle shop in Chongqing Lai Biandan how much you need to start


Lai Biandan investment analysis of

Chongqing small noodles

1. join mode and cost

Lai Biandan Chongqing small noodles pointed out that the project business stores, shop investment model, franchise fees were 12800 yuan, 28800 yuan fee is included in the operation instruction fees, training fees, technology transfer fees, advertising fees later support.

2. renovation and rental costs

in the open thinking Lai Chongqing small noodles franchise pole how much money, renovation and rental costs accounted for a relatively large proportion, but this part of the cost of different regions and different store location are can not be generalized, like a 10 square meters of shops in the street if possible the monthly rent in 10 thousand yuan of above, if in the rural township may be less than 1000 yuan. Store rental and decoration costs should be based on local conditions.

3. other shop cost analysis

wants to know the pole Lai Chongqing small noodles stores also have to consider how much money, staff, utilities, equipment and materials costs. If you can not join the Lai pole for the equipment and raw materials to worry about, because the headquarters will be unified distribution, can save a lot of money for the franchisee investors, hydropower and other materials and staff costs per month should be around 20 thousand. Open noodle is a broad market, the benefit of small business, the total investment to open a store in the 3-20 million, the entrepreneur can choose a completely open what kind of store according to their ability.

is currently more than and 50 pole type join Lai Chongqing small noodles shop is a wide range of markets, first-tier cities, second tier cities.

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