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nnovation and entrepreneurship education to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking sparks

innovation and entrepreneurship education is like a little bit of Mars, you can fully inspire young students entrepreneurial ideas spark, will become a reality. Dalian University of Technology to promote innovation and entrepreneurship education, cultivate innovative talents of social needs.

8 years, the Institute of innovative experiments to train more than 6000 innovative entrepreneurial talent. There are more than 300 students each year, achievements of the national (International) level awards, more than 2000 people have won provincial awards every year. Innovation and entrepreneurship college dean Feng Lin said, the school has organized entrepreneurship program students actively participate in social practice, depth understanding of enterprise operation mode, and build a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship practice, strengthen the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship, pay attention to the cultivation of students’ creative thinking and critical thinking, the formation of "creative innovation and entrepreneurship education practice classroom + experience + entrepreneurship". The new fusion model.

the innovation and entrepreneurship education personnel training into the main channel of

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