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Carles Pérez, the last battered

first_imgPérez also feels mistreated by the entity, because overnight he seems to have forgotten the effort he made to accept a clause for which he had first team token, after playing seven games, but that would remain on horseback of the first team and the subsidiary. A totally anomalous and unfair situation, but that Pérez assumed, thinking especially about the interests of the entity. And the club has paid for the services provided in this way: inviting you to look for a club. In any case, The technical secretary, Eric Abidal, informed him that it was a personal and unilateral decision of the new coach and in no case of the club. Now Pérez and his agent have six days ahead to find a team. Any offer they hear will have to be in the form of assignment or a transfer with a repurchase option because the player is convinced that he has not yet said his last word in Barcelona. It seems that Rome is already waiting … “He’s screwed, but that’s really screwed”. In this way as descriptive as it was expressed a person from the closest environment of Carles Pérez to the newspaper AS. Fucked by the surprise of seeing how the new coach, Quique Setién, told him that he doesn’t have him with only six days left to close the market and screwed up because the young forward has seen his dream of consolidating in the first team truncated in a thousand pieces.It wasn’t until Friday after the afternoon session that Setién gave him the lunge after discarding it from the list for the match against Valencia. The excuse wielded by the coach is that the imminent return of Ousmane Dembélé, which is expected by mid-February, would close the doors to play on a regular basis, so he preferred that will take off on another team because a player of his age, 21, needs minutes.Nevertheless, from the environment of the striker they consider that it is a maneuver of the club to seek economic resources in order to finance the possible signing this winter of a 9 after confirming the loss of Luis Suárez for the remainder of the season.last_img

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