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500 battles in the elite

first_imgOf enviable health, apart from the age, only the knees bring him the occasional headache from his stage in Murcia, “because of the humidity or that I know”, and he could extend his career until the “34 or 35 years” . He started in the premiere in Sarriá and lived the first two years in the category. There are fewer and fewer of his generation. “I was in Levante from 60 to 65, both years in First and from there I went to Barcelona“Precisely before the Barça rival he starred in the biggest win still in the Levantine historical records, a 5-1 in the former Vallejo, with two assists to Wanderlei, two goals from him and the fifth was from Torrents after capturing a rebound of a shot from the extreme framing, which always felt like an ‘8.’ That exhibition was the prelude to his signing for Barça, a record that he thought would be overcome on historic day 5-4 at the Ciutat in 2017-18, cutting the streak of unbeatable of those of Ernesto Valverde on the penultimate day of LaLiga. That day I said to my wife: “Today they are going to break that record.” One hundred and ten years of history and 500 games in the First Division. The 2019-20 season of the Levante will go to the granota collective imaginary as a different year. The icing, as always, will put what happens on the green. The set of Orriols will live its fifth centenary in the elite at the Camp Nou, where they haven’t scored yet. Precisely in Barcelona, ​​in the old field of Sarrià, the entity played its first meeting in the category against Espanyol (4-4, 09/15/1963). Since then, 499 meetings on the cusp of national football to close the circle with Barcelona as a link.To talk about a First Division Levante is, essentially, to do it from the last decade, where they contemplate nine of the 14 years in the elite. After almost 40 years for football underworlds, in 2004 he returned to the elite with the group led by Manolo Preciado. But it was in 1963 when the top was first reached. Among those players was Serafin, top historical scorer of the first years in First, who after his experience for Levante ended up signing for Barça. “I think it’s the thing out there with Cucumber“, he remembers exactly at 83 years old. They both signed 13 goals in the first two courses granotas in the elite, above names like Dominguez Y Wanderlei. And remember that he signed “three or four more” in the Cup. Serafín analyzes the meeting and trajectory of the entity in First. And remember with special affection to Ramon Balaguer Y Lele, which prepared the team to ascend two years earlier. “Balaguer was at that time close to transferring me to Seville. I was prepared to stay in Valencia because Levante had asked for the borrowed field when Vallejo collapsed and entered into an operation with Calpe to leave Mestalla for one or two seasons. But he Valencia did not stop by leaving the field. Then Calpe drove for Madrid and I to Barcelona. I wanted to stay in Valencia, “he says. Even if confesses that “I want Levante to beat Valencia and put him on the table, and that I have sympathy for Valencia and I was close to going there. But they are whims that one has”.He pulled from memory to analyze the current Levante, “from a distance” of his native Tudela. “Until now I had not seen a team like the one we had: with Wanderlei, Dominguez, Camarasa, Calpe … So together, so worked. But today. This lift is half board up“Although he said that his team” was a joy “and this one” in some game failed me, like the other day in Pamplona; and that I wanted Osasuna to win. I thought … fuck, if they delivered it. “ For its part, After a long career in teams such as Osasuna, Barakaldo, Deportivo de la Coruña, Levante, Murcia and Barcelona, ​​it is clear: “Sometimes I say, if I could return to football, of all my teams, I would go to Levante. It’s where I got married, a daughter was born in La Cigüeña (former hospital of Valencia) and the other two children were not born in Valencia because my wife had them on vacation and gave birth here in Tudela, “he says.” I keep many friends from my stage in The uprising. One of them is the father of the current president, Pedro, who was a kid then, and I have him in a photo uploaded to a palm tree on the day of the first ascent. I have a tremendous friendship and I keep it. ” He could even sign for Valencia before arriving at Barça. His connection with the city was total. From Paco Lopez, I affirm that “I don’t know him but since he arrived he came to me, and on top of the house“.” He doesn’t put his ass back. I like that from the fifth man onwards. From 11, five behind, and another five from midfield forward. I always think of that pivot that instead of being defensive is an attacker. As now Campaign. “And He showed his preference for ‘Commander’ Morales. “I love it, there are few players in Spain who beat the line like him. When he is well, he shoots”. And when I saw Felix Ettien “the one with 1,000 daily abs” I thought: “This one looks like Dominguez, is the master”. Although if he stays with a current player it is with Jesus Navas. And with Christian before Messi, which states that “has a march more than the rest.” Legend word granota.Scoring at the Camp Nou, the first time in history, would be a great boost for the Levantinistas, who have not started in the best way in 2020. He still does not know the victory, as in Can Barça.last_img

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