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Xiaobian teach you how to open a good auto parts company

today Xiaobian specially for you to answer how to drive a car accessories shop? Now more and more people want to join the automotive service industry, so for the automotive service industry what is the most profitable? I was most probably it did not actually happen car accessories, Xiaobian visited a car accessories company for many years to interview look, he is how to say


is also very important in the selection of the auto parts store. Such a shop must be busy street, traffic is very large, to choose the auto parts market has been formed around the store, such as the car next to the market, 4S stores and other places. For our country now mature store is the Pacific Auto parts wholesale market, Hanyang Economic Development Zone Haitian city auto parts and so on, here the customer very much.

for purchase channels, we have to look at the type of car, for some good brand can choose local accessories, for a better modern ah what in Beijing pick good. The shop owner must understand the car accessories, what is the most easily damaged parts, requires a lot of inventory, we can purchase directly to the agent, so the price is relatively high profits.


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