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Jinyang Community Business nn inaugurated

Shanghai is a city of great development and innovation, but also the hearts of many entrepreneurs in the Holy land. Recently, Shanghai Jinyang Community Business Inn opened, help the community business groups for carrying out enterprise business, grasp the risk.

the "business station" service platform by Jinyang Village Street office funded, in order to provide help for the community business objects and micro enterprises, to solve the problem of entrepreneurship, promote entrepreneurship. Jinyang Village Street relevant responsible person said, "the entrepreneurial inn" and strive to build a new community service platform for entrepreneurial business guidance, business consulting, business services, business agent, the use of modern network functions, for community residents to provide more specific and realistic, convenient and efficient business services, and the establishment of track, covering information "business records for community business groups".

such entrepreneurship coaching for small and micro enterprises support the role of the most obvious, believe in a number of entrepreneurial mentor and support professionals, small entrepreneurs will be able to start on the road to go farther, more powerful steps.

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