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You followed the women’s overlord into.

brand competition between women has been very intense, want to get better development, we must have innovative thinking, take the path of personalized development. "Three shop one" business model is approved, you followed the overlord into women.

According to the way the

for the development of women’s brand stage, according to the way the Youni is a bold innovation, first proposed the "send three shop" to open a shop business model, the majority of entrepreneurs recognized, and join in the big family Youni road.

for entrepreneurs, according to the way the Youni have their own factories, supply direct supply to each franchise, its price is lower, so that entrepreneurs profit is 3 times higher than peers, but it has always been an important factor in winning Youni according to the way the women join the market.

a brand innovation, in order to highlight the real strength of the brand, brand and sustainable development. Since 2015, Premier Li Keqiang put forward the "Internet plus" concept, all walks of life on the spur of the moment the Internet boom, the traditional industry into the Internet, to get more market share.

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