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Hunan poverty alleviation tactics promoting the development of rural tourism

in the rapid development of the economy, although many areas of the economy has been greatly improved, people’s living standards have also been significant changes. But there are still a lot of regional economic backwardness, people’s living standards to be improved. This time, Hunan poverty alleviation tactics: promoting the development of rural tourism. From the beginning of 2016, Hunan province will be held every spring, summer, autumn and winter tourism festival, relying on the theme of the festival, leading the development of rural tourism.

in order to implement the spirit of the two sessions of the country, to promote the strategy of tourism poverty alleviation, 2016, the first spring Hunan Rural Tourism Festival will be held from March 26th to 28 in Yuanling County, Hunan province.

2016 in the spring of Hunan Rural Tourism Festival is held for the first time in Hunan Province, the large rural tourism festival, in 4 villages in the east gate of Jiemuxi national natural area as a window to tourism precise poverty as the theme, with "beautiful nostalgia, happy home" as the main line, launched ballad singing, beach games, Xiange, 100 thousands of Nuo dance, beach tent festival very local characteristics of rural tourism activities, let visitors feel special country flavor. At the same time also held tourism into native villages contest, the organizing committee will award festival will be funded into the area to create artisan workshops, the linkage of electricity providers and investors to raise, realize tourism precise poverty.

the Tourism Festival, Zhangjiajie (000430, shares), Huaihua city and Xiangxi City, under the jurisdiction of the Yongding District, Yuanling County, Guzhang County, Yongshun County, south of Zhangjiajie will also start strategy, realize Xiangxi tourism landscape unevenamerica, heritage drive, tourism strategy to leisure tourism depth transformation "the goal, play radiation and poverty alleviation effect of Zhangjiajie tourism on the surrounding tourism.

"Premier Li Keqiang mentioned in the government work report, adhere to the precise poverty alleviation, to the people due to the implementation of the policy, we should vigorously develop the characteristics of the industry." Deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau said the event lifted first, held in Yuanling, is a state-level poverty-stricken counties, but also beautiful scenery, idyllic scenery, local culture and rural tourism resource rich area, very suitable for developing rural tourism products. This event, is to explore a rural tourism and industrial integration, and promote farmers’ income continued to grow rapidly and implement new ways of precise poverty, for the prosperity of the rural economy, rural tourism has become the pillar industry of new rich peasants life.

in the reform and opening up policy, driven by many of our country to achieve the economic take-off, and achieved greater results, people’s living standards and the city’s appearance are new. However, there are still a lot of regional economic development is backward, the Hunan in the poor areas to take measures to develop rural tourism, will effectively promote the local economic development.

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