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How to maintain laptop battery

with the development of society, the notebook computer has become a necessity in people’s life, but how to maintain this power, and a few people know the right way?

in various parts of the notebook computer, the battery status is directly related to the notebook computer in the absence of DC power supply under the condition of working ability. Therefore, learn how to use and maintain the reasonable consumption of components, the laptop has become an important guarantee for long-lasting life.

energy-saving settings: energy saving is provided with two points: one is the need to adjust the user settings related to energy-saving mode program in a computer BIOS two, there are many energy-saving settings and operation in the operating system. In the actual implementation of the computer system, the Windows system should be given priority to the energy saving settings in CMOS. Alarm settings: set the battery alarm function can prompt the user to save information. The method is to click open the "control panel", double-click "power" option, open the "alarm" menu bar, low battery alarm bar Windows defaults to 10%, "power shortage alarm" column Windows defaults to 3%, can be modified according to the needs of. Click on both of the "alarm response" button, the "sound alarm" and "display message" are selected, "power level" can not choose. In this way, when the battery is used for alarm limit, it will automatically jump out a warning window, and the buzzer will send out alarm sound to prompt the user to save the information in time. Finally, click OK to exit the power management settings.

The use of

intentional battery light: regular battery light, to ensure a full charge. If you need to complete the battery light in power, in practice, in the Power Management dialog box, select the Battery Drain this particular power mode, all three of its Running on Batteries option is set to Never, this notebook computer will continue to run. Select this mode, and then go to the Alarms tab to cancel the check mark on the Low Battery and the Critical Battery warning check box (so that when the battery is not in power, the machine will not be in a suspended state). Next, let the computer running a large number of CPU time occupied the task, for example, the computer automatically runs some of the computational complexity of the 3D demo, remaining so quickly run out of battery power, of course, the disposal of don’t forget to unplug the AC plug. Calibration battery: in order to make the battery to achieve the best performance, some models of Laptop Battery Calibration

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