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How much does it cost to invest in a juice shop

drinks in the project is a pure natural fruit juice drinks the most favored by investors, because the beverage project has market demand, of course, people are willing to choose this type of brand. Today people are most concerned about the health of the body, they know what to drink drink is beneficial for the body, "sweet juice juice" is such a natural beauty and health, vitamin health drinks, fresh fruits with on-site production, materials, save cost, ensure that each cup are fresh and tasty. This is a competitive market.

how much does it cost to invest in a juice shop? First, to find out the common varieties of fruit juice, and then look at the problem!

common fruit juice and juice drinks are divided into the following categories:

the first category is a low concentration of fruit juice content of only 5%-10% of fruit drinks. In this camp, to unify the "Orangeate", "daily C" Kangshifu juice and Coca-Cola as the representative of "queer";

2) the other is Watsons’s "Mr. juice" and "Tang launched the farmer orchard". Their common characteristics are complex fruit juice, usually by carrot juice and other fruit and vegetable juice, and then made into 30% concentration of fruit juice;

3) fruit juice content of not less than 40% of the pulp juice drinks, is the use of the original fruit pulp or concentrated fruit pulp, sugar, sour agent, such as modulation, containing a large number of pulp, fruit fiber and pectin, can be directly consumed products. It retains all the nutrients in peel and pulp in the pulp, which has a strong color of fruit, fruit of raw meat, nutrient retention complete the advantages of


4 (70%) of the fruit juice content of fruit juice drinks, refers to every 100 kilograms of fruit juice drinks containing a total of 70 kg of raw juice, and the other 30% for water and other ingredients (such as grape syrup, etc.);

5) and 100% with fresh fruit juice is the juice content directly without water (NFC) or concentrated juice water reduction made of pure juice drinks (FC).

very good prospects

North American sales, domestic less than 1/10. According to statistics, the average annual consumption of 21 tons of fruit consumption in Europe, North America, the largest per capita consumption, reaching 27 liters. South America is 5 liters, while the per capita consumption of fruit juice in the Asia Pacific region is only about 2 liters. From this point of view, fresh fruit juice industry in the Asia Pacific region has great prospects for development.

domestic policy is good, fresh fruit juice demand rising frequently. In view of the development of the domestic market, according to the China Industrial Research Network released 2016-2020 China soft drinks market in-depth investigation and analysis of the development trend of the report shows that in recent years, China has introduced a series of

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