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Fujian’s new policy to promote the reform of enterprise registration and public Entrepreneurship

in today’s society such a popular period of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship has become many people’s choices, especially in some societies of small and micro entrepreneurs, recently, Fujian to further promote public entrepreneurship, on the introduction of the 15 measures of public business.

in support of the public business, the Fujian provincial government recently issued a "further notice" under the new situation of employment of the fifteen measures, in order to promote "according to a multi site, cluster registration of enterprise registration system reform.

at the same time, the start-up period of three years Small and micro businesses to absorb employment (signed more than 1 year term of the labor contract and pay social insurance fees), can be given according to the number of no more than 1000 yuan per person, a total of not more than 30 thousand yuan of entrepreneurship employment subsidies.

"notice" requirements to adjust small loans for business loans for the business requirements, but the lack of focus groups to provide financial services to support venture capital. Among them, college students can apply for a maximum of 300 thousand yuan of their own venture capital guarantee loans, the rest of the maximum amount of loans to qualified personnel to adjust to $100 thousand. Will encourage financial institutions to reasonably determine the loan interest rate level of government, provide financial discount support to meet the conditions of the personal business loans.


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